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Hi everyone! Last week Love, Always made their very first donation to an organization known as PBLF. The founder, Nicole Almeida, is someone I knew back in middle school! Small world! Anyways, Love, Always was absolutely honored to have been able to make their very first donation to PBLF!


For those of you that don’t know, PBLF stand for Preventing Bullying Living Fearless. Nicole founded the organization because of her personal experience with bullying. Her goal is to help children live fearless lives. Nicole plans on visiting different schools in the Broward/Miami, Florida region and giving talks to children going through the obstacles they often face at school.

Nicole Almeida is an amazing girl and I am so honored to have been able to donate to PBLF! Bravo, Nicole!




I am so happy to finally be able to look at my webpage all pretty and complete! Yes, my online store has been running for 25 days now (I know I kind of love my line just a little) and I could not be happier! Putting an end to bullying is something very very close to my heart. The fact that I have SO many amazing people supporting my cause is…well just simply amazing. Thanks so much for believing in me and I hope you like love everything I am doing!

Love, Always